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Dott. Mauro Bonasera

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In the last decades the study of active tectonics is taking on increasing importance in the scientific community, involving different geological and geomorphological disciplines. Despite the theme would lend itself to a multidisciplinary approach, it is still little research in pursuit of that goal. The project is focused on the definition and application of disciplines such as history (study of macroseismic effects of past events), geomorphology (field survey, morphometric analysis, air photo interpretation, Digital Terrain Models analysis), structural geology and geostatistics (susceptibility models), paleoseismology (in topic areas of the northwest Italy seismic districts). The purpose is to identify the presence of active tectonic structures potentially capable to generate earthquakes of magnitude able to cause significant effects on territory and settlements. The goal will lead to increase the limited knowledge on the north-western Italian seismogenetic sources, assessing the seismic potential. The obtained results will identify those areas where a possible strong earthquake might occur; the susceptibility analysis could predict areas where it will cause significant damages to the territory, urban settlement and infrastructures.

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