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Missions and Expenses Reimbursement

Please  follow the below  instructions and for further details  and support  concerning the on-line procedure please contact Your Administrative Office (ask your Coordinator/Tutor)




Increase of the Scholarship for Research Period Abroad

A new online application system will be available for requesting the increase of the scholarship for study abroad activities. It is an online procedure that will substitute the paper application completely.
Through the online application system PhD students can:
- apply for the Research Abroad Authorisation. The application must be submitted at least 48 hours before the departure date.
- apply for Continuing Research Abroad Authorisation. The application must be submitted every 2 months, in case of continuous periods of more than 60 days. This is a required procedure to split payments every two months, rather than at the end of the comprehensive study abroad period.
- submit a Return Declaration. It is mandatory to submit the declaration within 2 weeks from the return date. If this is not done, PhD students will not receive the increase.
Applications will be registered and accepted directly from the PhD course coordinator through the online application system.
The online application system is available at the following webpage: To log in please insert your SCU account as assigned at the beginning of the PhD course. In the same page an Guidelines for application is available in Italian and the English version will follow soon.
The increase corresponds to 50% of the daily amount of the scholarship. Therefore, the instalment is fixed and is paid according to the number of days spent abroad.

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