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PhD Students Election


Please  follow the below  general guidelines, but  for more accurate instructions  and  for support  concerning the exact  procedure to follow, please contact Your Administrative Office (ask your Coordinator/Tutor) or contact the below listed Offices


Sezione Contratti al Personale e Missioni Polo Scienze della Natura

Responsabile: Annalisa Scaravaglio

Recapiti (contact details):

Via Valperga Caluso, 35 - 10125 Torino


Sezione Contratti al Personale e Missioni Polo Agraria e Medicina Veterinaria (PhD Students in Agricultural Forest and Food Sciences)

Responsabile: Paola Botton

Recapiti (contact details):

Largo Braccini, 2 - 10095 Grugliasco



 A. Before leaving, open the mission via on-line procedure, by the following steps:  


  1. -  Login MyUniTO (with the "SCU account" assigned at the beginning of the PhD course)
  2. INTRANET section  ( 1st blue button)
  3. Servizi per le Unità operative (list on the left)
  4. Applicazioni on line  (3rd in the list)
  6.  Servizi ESCo (RDA -Richiesta di Acquisto, Missioni, Disponibile Progetti, Rimborsi Cassa Economale)
  7. Missioni
  8. Accedi al servizio
  9. MISSIONI (blue botton)


B.  On the on-line procedure, insert Nuova Missione (New mission) and complete with the following information:

-          Name of the Department: Dept. of ….

-          Name of the "Funds holder" (Coordinator - Tutor …)

-          Name of the  Fund (ask  your Coordinator - Tutor)

-          List of expected expenses: attendance fee, travel, hotel, meals expenses


C.  After your return:

-          Close the mission on the on-line procedure

-          Collect the original of all the receipts (travel, meals, lodging…)

-          Deliver them to your Administrative Office

 D. For  Practical Instructions (Handkbook) - Rules - Expense limits (travel, meals, lodging) refer to  the documents you find on the top left of the first page of the on line procedure above indicated (point 1), before you enter the Nuova missione (New mission): (Regolamento Missioni , Tabella Vitto , Tabella Viaggio e Albergo Guida completa all'utilizzo dell'applicativo Missioni)


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